Many people say SEO is dead, but actually it is not. They think that social media is replacing SEO but they do fail to think that even in social media key word optimization is needed to bring the site up in the ranking of search engine.

We do FREE SEO for all the websites we develop. Please contact our SEO experts for more detail.

FREE Backlinks

Backlinks are online referrals, one site placing a link to your website on their website, to notify the visitors that its a website with useful information. The more backlinks people place on their website, the higher wil be your site ranking on the search engines.


We provide free recommendations for our customers to improve their website SEO standards. Free recommendations includes, 301 redirects, 404 error page templates, sitemap.xml, handling 301, 302, 404, 500 error pages, key words suggestions etc.

Content & META Tags

We provide free content devlopment for our customer websites. In addition to FREE content development, we suggest META tags, key words, description, Img tag, A tag, title, tool tip tag etc.